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If you have found a 1965 quarter in your attic, then you have missed the jackpot by one year. Although an old quarter is quite a find and something that you should hold onto, the quarter you have found may cost more if it were minted before 1965.

1965 was the first year that the US Government decided to switch up the quarter formula and there is actually no silver in the formula for this year or any year after it.

So how much is a 1965 quarter worth?

1965 Washington Silver Quarter

It can be hard to tell sometimes. The actual value of the quarter really depends on its condition more than anything else. The quarters in the best condition can be worth nearly $10 while the ones in poor condition will only be worth a dollar. While a dollar may seem like a good value for an old quarter, it really doesn’t seem that great when you compare it to the quarters before 1965.

Let’s look at some of the reasons behind the differing values of the quarters from 1965 and 1964.

Although there is only a one year difference between these two quarters, the quarters from 1964 are worth much more than the ones from 1965. This is because the majority of the materials that went into the quarters before 1965 were silver.

Silver is considered to be money by many people today and this belief is backed up by the fact that it used to be money in many different parts of the world. Before fiat currencies came around, gold and silver were basically the standard for money around the world. If you wanted to sell a good or service, then you were probably going to get paid in gold or silver.

Pre 1965 Washington Silver Coin

Once the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the US Government had more freedom when it came to the creation of US dollars. Since the government could now create more dollars when they were needed, the value of the dollar began to decline. The one thing that kept the government in check during this time period was that people could go to the government and exchange their dollars for gold if they wanted.

The government continued to print as much money as it wanted for quite some time, until eventually they outlawed the ownership of gold in the United States. Other countries around the world could still trade their dollars for gold until 1971 when the last tie to gold was officially abolished. The US Government basically defaulted on their currency because they printed much more money than they had gold in the vaults. Some people even consider this to be a form of fraud.

Now that you understand why the change to a cheaper quarter was made, you can start to understand why the quarters from 1964 and before are so valuable. They represent real money, so it is important to hold those kinds of coins when you want to guard yourself against inflation.

Rare 1965 Silver Quarter

Most gold and silver bugs use their precious metals to conserve their wealth because they know that keeping money in a bank account is a losing battle. You may get a bit of interest from the bank, but that rate of interest does not keep up with the rate of inflation on a regular basis. While asking how much is a 1965 quarter worth is a good question for many coin collectors, the real investors and smart money is usually asking about the worth of the quarters that were minted before that time period.

Many people do not know this, but there is actually a huge difference between the 1964 Silver Quarter and the 1965 Silver Quarter. While the 1964 US Quarter actually contained a large amount of silver, the quarter from 1965 actually contained copper and nickel. Copper makes up 75% of the 1965 quarter and this is actually the material that was originally used to create the penny.

1965 Silver Quarter

When you keep that fact in mind, it is rather easy to understand the problem of inflation.

When you consider the fact that the first pennies were made completely from copper and they are supposed to be worth 1/25th of a quarter, even a person with no skin in the game could understand that something is going on with the money supply.

Inflation has not stopped since 1965 and it has actually become much worse over the years.

Helicopter Ben is basically doing everything he can to print as much money as he can right now because most mainstream economists think that falling prices are the death of an economy.

There is a lot that can be learned about economics and finance when looking at the quarter from 1965, but the main thing is teaches us is that governments will always do everything they can to inflate the money supply.

When there is nothing like gold or silver behind the money supply to keep it sound, you can count on governments to spend much more than they should on a regular basis. This is the main issue with government controlled money and it is amazing that more people have not figured out this existential problem.

Is the 1965 Silver Quarter Still Worth Something?

It’s easy to bash the first quarter that did not contain any silver but the fact of the matter is that there is still some numismatic value to this coin. Although it contains copper and nickel instead of silver, a coin from 1965 can still be considered quite a rarity.

1965 Silver Quarter

With old coins that do not contain any kind of precious metal, the majority of their value is going to come from the fact that many of

the coins from a certain time period get lost over time.

People view these kinds of coins as collectors’ items more than actual money. It is kind of like an old baseball card or a piece of art.

The quarter from 1965 is actually worth anywhere between $1 and $8 and the total value of the coin really depends on what kind of condition it is in.

A pristine quarter from 1965 is something that is kind of cool to own, but it is not real money. It is not something that people will turn to if the economy collapse because people know that copper and nickel are not worth nearly as much as silver.

If you want to have real wealth in your pocket when you carry around a coin then you need something that is made from mainly gold or silver. The quarters that were minted before 1965 actually contain 90% silver in their raw materials, so it is easy to see why people look towards those coins more than the coin from 1965 when it comes to finding a solid investment and something that will give them a hedge against inflation.

You Have to Know What’s in a Coin to Understand its Value

Since governments like to change the raw materials that go into coins on a regular basis, you should always make sure that you look up the raw materials found in a coin before you buy it.

Whether you are talking about a coin from ancient times or a coin from today, you can always count on a government behind it that is trying to deceive the people and create wealth for itself out of thin air.

1965 Quarter Dollar with Die Crack and Cud

While the 1965 silver quarter is not the best investment you can find, it can still be helpful when it comes to completing a coin collection.

This basic fact shows the difference between real money and what we have today. The coins of today basically only hold value to collectors, while the coins of the past that contained gold and silver actually contain value to investors.